Craigslea State School, Outdoor Learning Area
Although this courtyard is located hidden away, between existing school buildings, it is a hub of activity and circulation during break times at the school. It had evolved over time, with a number of elements interrupting the space, and limiting its use.

A more organized, low maintenance solution for this high use area was sought by the school, to suit their limited budget and grounds staff of 1.

An existing patchwork of concrete and brick unit pavers were removed, and replaced with a combination of new exposed aggregate concrete pathways, sports court surfacing and synthetic turf, defining the circulation, active and passive zones, respectively. Some existing trees were removed, and cut into logs, to be used as edging to a new ‘nature play’ area, with the branches and leaf material to be used as mulch to the new garden beds.

Sandstone blocks have been employed as planters and retaining walls, providing informal seating to the more passive activity areas, and the possibility of use as outdoor learning spaces.

A lot has been achieved in a small space, for a limited budget, by close consultation with the school, and careful selection and placement of materials
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Photographer : Darren Kerr Photography
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