Chapel Hill Arrival Spaces
This project shows how a lot can often be achieved with minimal change to an existing house. In this case, a few minor internal tweaks, including relocating the front door, and removing a wall, allowed for much greater flexibility of use of the internal living spaces, and improved light and ventilation.

Externally, the site terrain was quite steep, with narrow access to the side of the house, which meant that new car accommodation had to be located in front of the house, with a retaining wall into the slope.

We carefully consider the design and appearance of carports, and their relationship to the existing house and streetscape, particularly in this location, as they give the first impression of the home, and itís overall appeal.

Here we have picked up on some of the angled cladding details of the existing 1970's home, in the arrangement of timber battening enclosing the carport. This means the carport sits well with the style of the house, and gives a pleasing first impression for passers-by and a more comfortable arrival experience for the owners.
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