Annerley Outdoor Spaces
This mid-century chamferboard and brick home, in the south Brisbane suburb of Annerley, had been the family home for many years. The original front garden was densely planted and becoming difficult to maintain, with the house completely hidden from the street. A series of carport and deck additions over the years had starting to deteriorate and were in need of replacement.
The owners were keen to improve the appearance of the house from the street, add privacy to outdoor entertaining areas, and provide space to accommodate a large camper trailer.

A few simple changes, and subtle additions have improved the house’s street presence, without detracting from the original features of the house. A new carport roof structure sailing above the original house roof, with minimal structure, and matching the angle of the main roof, allows the house to remain visible from the street. A separate, smaller ‘gatehouse’ lends formality and clarity to the entrance. The new timber deck leads to the front door, complementing the vertical shiplap boarding of the original porch, and a new timber batten screen replaces the old one, to admit more light. The original face brickwork has been retained and enhanced by removing some fencing elements that had obscured it, allowing it to become a strong feature of the entry porch.

New timber balustrading and polycarbonate shutters have been added to the outdoor entertaining area, to create a sense of spaciousness, without increasing the size of the deck. These shutters have been carefully detailed to provide weather protection, privacy, and to allow plenty of natural light through into the existing house.
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