Chapel Hill Treetop House
Chapel Hill is home to some great 1970s domestic architecture, and this house is no exception. The high raking ceilings, exposed timber rafters, and external timber cladding between high brick veneer panels, typical of this time, were features of the original design that were important to be retained and enhanced.

Narrow verandahs were also typical of this era, however these were not wide enough to comfortably accommodate outdoor entertaining. A new, larger, roofed deck was created to the north, connecting 2 smaller decks on either side, at different levels. This provided a space for a large gathering with smaller spaces for younger children to play, to the side, and connected living spaces on different levels of the house, that were previously separated.

A new timber stair provides a direct connection to the established landscaped garden. The new balustrade detail complements the timber detailing of the existing house, while complying with current building code requirements.
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